Arbitration is the final option towards the online dispute resolution services for parties who could not arrive at a amicable solution. We engage experts in the every field and with the aid of technology strive to bring mutuality at the comfort of home.



The mediation Process is the most opted online dispute resolution services. This enables the parties to arrive at a mutually beneficial and agreeable solution. The same is subsequently written down bringing in contractual obligation to settle the dispute between parties .



We facilitate the parties to communicate with each other to remove their misunderstanding. This helps is achieving grievance redressal though effective negotiation with each other. It helps in bringing back cordial relationship between the parties.

Online Dispute Resolution Services

  1. Provide online dispute resolution services to resolve any contractual and/or legal dispute between parties
  2. Provide suitable solution to arrive at a mutually beneficial settlement between parties
  3. Appoint arbitrator, mediator or conciliator, as the case may be, to facilitate alternative dispute resolution in India.
  4. Coordinate between parties, arbitrators and other persons related to the matter to resolve the dispute online.
  5. Provide documentation services relating to the proceeding

Other Allied Online Dispute Resolution Services

  1. Online Consulting
  2. Suggesting appropriate method for grievance redressal
  3. Drafting of Settlement Agreement
  4. Drafting and Vetting of Arbitration Agreement
  5. Retainer Services
  6. Refer an Advocate at the request of the partie(s)

Benefits of Online Grievance redressal mechanism

paperless grievance redressal

We provide paperless grievance redressal system with a panel of experts in the different domains in a time-bound manner for speedy justice.

mutually beneficial and amicable solution

We suggest and advice the best suitable method to arrive at a mutually beneficial and amicable solution through online dispute resolution in India.

Cost and Time effective

The Online grievance redressal mechanism provides speedy and cost effective solutions for all contractual misunderstanding and misinterpretation between the parties bringing finality to the matter.

private and confidential

We respect law as a tool to render justice to parties and allow parties to feel comfortable and relaxed on matters involving confidential information and privacy.


At the request of the parties, we coordinate with the parties to arrives a mutual and conscious consensus between them to prevent any further misunderstanding in the future.

Drafting and Vetting

We provide drafting and vetting services for the parties to have a clear and unambiguous contractual terms and a binding agreement for the future.