Online Dispute Resolution Mechanism for E-Commerce website

Online Business.....................Do you have an online dispute resolution mechanism for your business? And how much do you care about your online reputation?

Every customer requires a swift and effective response to their query or complaint. If unattended, the tech-world also allow parties to share their grievance in various online forums, review sites, social media and website of these nature to defame the reputation of the organization to get their grievance addressed. (If you provide an online platform for your users to transaction online, please click here.)

This is because transaction sometimes goes beyond the control of the website which may not be resolved by customer support.  Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. Unacceptable expectation(s)
  2. Lack of clarity
  3. Too many changes
  4. Subsequent denial of service
  5. Acting beyond the scope of terms of usage etc.

The websites can avoid such defamatory remarks and public opinion by providing alternative dispute resolution services in India and rightfully restricting aggressive methods to lower the reputation of the organisation.

In light of the above, it is prudent for every E-Commerce website to have an online dispute resolution in India. That's exactly why major E-Commerce websites provide for a dispute resolution mechanism.

Below are some of the benefits of resorting to online dispute resolution online:

  1. Confidentiality of Proceedings - No outsider knows about it
  2. Retaining cordial relation between parties
  3. Defined time-line
  4. Avoid litigation in courts
  5. Resolves disputes at your convenient time and place
  6. Low-cost





We help you manage the grievance of your customers through grievance redressal mechanism.

Under the grievance redressal mechanism, the website by its terms and conditions convince its customers to resolve all their disputes against the site through online dispute resolution mechanism (don't worry, we will do that for you). By setting up a grievance redressal mechanism, the website can avoid misunderstanding with its users and can also avoid the intervention of courts for matters concerning to website.

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Is it free? No. Anything valuable is for a price. We charge a nominal fee for the services which are as follows:

Mediation : Rs. 12,000/-- per month

Arbitration: Rs. 24,000/-- per month

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