What is Online Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution is a process by which civil disputes between person are resolved through online arbitration, online mediation or online conciliation process.The benefits of Alterative Dispute Resolution are many and usage of online forum adds to online dispute resolution in India.

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a procedure in which a dispute is submitted, by agreement of the parties, to one or more arbitrators instead of going to court award (decision) which is binding on the parties to the proceedings.

What is Mediation?

Mediation lets you resolve your matter without going to court, using a independent third party - mediator who helps you reach a settlement with the other party.

What is Conciliation?

Like mediation, conciliation is a voluntary, flexible, private & confidential, and interest based process. The parties seek to arrive at an amicable settlement with the assistance of the conciliator, who acts as a neutral third party.

Does this process result in a judgment? If so, how so?

Yes. Under Arbitration, an Award is passed which is equivalent to order passed by court and can be executed accordingly and the proceedings are binding upon the parties. With regard to mediation and conciliation, the parties at the end of the proceedings arrive at a settlement which is binding upon the parties similar to that of contract. It completely legal and in accordance with the existing laws of the country.

Does the Arbitrators/mediators/Conciliators good enough to resolve our dispute?

We're committed to providing you with high quality Arbitrators/mediators/Conciliators. We connect you with experienced lawyers who have expertise in relevant area of dispute. If you have any further queries you can mail to

What types of matters does Legal Referee handle?

All civil and commercial disputes including but not limited to business contracts, consumer protection,  intellectual property matters, disputes relating to real estate, employment contracts, services contracts etc and all other matters not barred by law and subject to acceptance by Legal Referee.


Is there any requirement to participate in the proceedings?

Either you or any other person on your behalf can be present for the proceedings. A computer or a laptop or a tablet or mobile with internet connection is sufficient to actively participate in the proceedings.

What if I am not tech savvy?

You are not required to be a tech savvy.  If required a technician appointed will be appointed at your request to assist you with the logistical and technical requirements. You can ask for any kind of assistance related to the subject at any time.

Who is is India’s first Online Platform that offer efficient remedial services to Citizens/Consumers/businesses to resolve their grievance, resolving most complicated issue with its advanced network, resources and strategy.

We are neither Law Firm nor representative or affiliation organization with Government or any other person. We are online empowering and assistance Platform to resolve and address the grievance efficiently.

Why do you charge low fees?

We just charge Costs + the Slightest fees to support and sustain our social entrepreneur  model. Henceforth, our Services stay reasonable yet compelling, highly professional and result oriented. We are a group of like minded entrepreneur who have created proficient system, utility assets and addition of specific expertise, capability and information to keep our site exceedingly available by complainant.

Supporting Citizens-Consumers to resolve their complaint and back them up until they achieve their goal is mission. To offer our assistance India-wide we require more resources, expert and facilities hence we charge you the slightest fees however our primary goal is to remain affordable yet offer full fledged support.

you can also get FREE service with us at our site where we will guide you for free on one time basis through email, as a part of our continuous efforts to empower our customers.

What does word "Resolve" settle" etc. means?

Wherever you read “settle” “resolve” it refers our free or paid services in the form of information, legal information, support, assistance, drafting, posting and escalation of your request excluding legal representation before any authority including court, government and any other corporation of any nature. we work on good faith and best effort basis. We mainly focus on amicable solution for empowerment. We indeed have higher customer satisfaction and complaint solution ration.

Do I need to hire a lawyer for filing the Request Form?

No, you do not need a lawyer to attend the proceedings. However, you can hire a lawyer at your own discretion.

Can I pay later once my issue is resolved?

No. We charge only Expenses + Fees to sustain our model, for our own cause hence to meet our Associates expenses who help us to resolve your issue, we need to pay them. Merit of each case are different hence we never give guarantee for resolution however based on our experience, we believe, genuine issue get addressed and resolved. We work on Best Effort basis. Read our Terms and Policy on website.

Can I avail free service?

You can avail FREE service with us where we will guide you for free on a one-time basis through email, as a part of our continuous efforts to empower settlement and amicable solution.

How does legal referee work?

There are five steps as to how Legal Referee works:

  • Get your complaint;
  • Determine where the complaint is acceptable by Legal Referee
  • Approach the other party to know his/her willingness to resolve the dispute through alternative dispute resolution in India.
  • Negotiate and settle the matter or pass an award.

We help you at every step of the process, providing smart features that make your case understandable and actionable. A clear statement of your complaint allows the other party to identify you and your problem, and respond in an appropriate and timely way.

Legal Referee provides secure online channel lets you and the other party communicate and negotiate in confidence. Our automated email system tracks progress, advising both sides of changes in terms, revised offers, and any other claim-related activity. This helps the negotiation proceed smoothly with minimum time slippage. Settlement occurs when either side accepts an offer. Generally speaking, when executed by both sides, the Legal Referee online Agreement is considered a legally binding contract.

Remember, we provide a platform but we stay out of your business. The substance and outcome of your claim is entirely up to you and the other party.

What prevents people from making false or malicious assertions in their claims?

We’ve taken precautions to protect both sides of any claim. To file a claim all claimants must accept a user agreement that confirms the validity and truth of the information they provide and requires them to take full responsibility for it. Counter-parties to a claim have the opportunity to respond to claimant assertions, disagree with any or all statements made, and refute anything they believe to be false or misleading.

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