Alternative dispute resolution in India and online dispute resolution in India

Our Vision

The vision of Legal Referee is to make the society realize the greatness of resolving all kinds of misunderstanding through understanding and negotiation and to resolve all kinds of commercial and civil disputes without the intervention of courts.

We thrive to march towards a society where misunderstanding are amicable settled between parties and courts are not burdened with the same except where the delaying is only relief claimed by a party.

Who we are and what we do

We are legal literates who understands law as a tool to render justice and thrives to provide Online Dispute Resolution with ease and without much procedural and legal complexities. We believe in cordial human relation and mutual benefit settlement among individuals and institutions in a cost effective and time bound manner as the means to seek justice.

Alternative dispute resolution in India


Legal Referee is a premier online alternative dispute resolution in India committed towards upholding the highest standards in arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation. We provide and promotes national as well as international arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism to achieve desirable means thereby resolving commercial disputes between the parties.

  1. To provide the best online platform for resolving disputes through Online Dispute Resolution mechanism.
  2. To follow highest standard of rules governing the proceedings.
  3. To promote and propagate the benefits of amicable and effective settlement of national and international disputes through online ADR mechanism.
  4. To co-ordinate and assist by providing administrative services to proceeding conducted through Online Dispute resolution.
  5. To constitute a panel of eminent person from different fields from India and Abroad to sit as arbitrator, mediator and/or conciliator for the purpose of facilitating Online Dispute Resolution in India.
  6. To conduct Classes, Workshop, Seminars, Conferences etc. to provide training in Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanism and related matters and to Award Diplomas, Certificates and other academic affiliations.
  7. To encourage research and studies on various aspects of Online Dispute Resolution in India.